Our Story

It all started while I was half naked in a bathroom…Seriously.
Well, maybe I should back up a little first...

After working as a celebrity stylist to some major stars + brands in NY + Hollywood, I realized there was a need for a clothing line that didn’t have to compromise our comfort, style, size or environment.

So, I headed to design school in Italy to make my childhood dream of being a designer a reality.

But the reality of living in Florence? Not the Eat. Pray. Love. fantasy I had conjured up in my head. Instead, I found myself overwhelmed + overheated.

One day, while naked in a small European bathroom after taking my jumpsuit off for the 100th time to pee, I asked myself…

"Why can't someone make a jumpsuit interchangeable so you never have to get fully naked in a bathroom again?"

Modular Staples Are Born!

Always having my styling cap on, I realized it worked well so you can interchange colors, patterns, and sizes to work for your unique style.

I ran this idea past some friends and fellow stylists, who all reacted the same “OMG, Yes! I would buy that today!”

 As I went to design for Poppy Row, I realized that the same thing with jumpsuits could apply to dresses. Through research, I found out this interchangeability was considered “Modular” dressing, which has been around for centuries.

After launching our first capsule via Kickstarter in early 2018, we now have Poppy Row in hundreds of closets, here’s what we’ve heard…

“The bestee feels like a warm hug”

“Finally pants I can wear to work that are comfortable”

“I’m obsessed with the fabric”

“I could finally travel and only need a carry on, without compromising my style”

“O-M-G! You knocked the fit out of the park.”

Cool, Conscious + Comfortable.

Our fabric is made from Eucalyptus, which means it’s naturally cooling + wicks your body sweat.

Perfect for travel, running your business empire, or just your overall comfort, our modular staples will add a pop to your wardrobe without compromising your confidence, comfort or peace of mind!

Say Hello to Poppy Row!