What's Next: Solving a BIG Industry Problem

It’s no surprise: The Fashion Industry has a BIG waste problem. We’re hoping to help solve it.

We haven’t released a collection since our 2018 Kickstarter launch. We’ve shipped to so many women across the globe + has now been seen by over a BILLION (not a typo) people across the globe through all our press.

The feedback was great + so helpful as we’ve been figuring out what’s next.

Some fun facts:

❤️50% of our sales are from returning customers (SUPER great).
❤️We know you love our comfy fabric (we do too).
❤️We’ve also gotten feedback women are wanting our pieces beyond a 28 (literally - so happy to do this)
❤️Our Bestsellers are our bestee, hangover pants, + 2 piece jumpsuit (and you want more variations - we do too!)
❤️You want more colors (we do too but let’s be real - the MAJORITY of our sales are still black, so #truthbomb your desires aren’t necessarily meeting the stats we’ve seen)

All the press, sales + feedback has been great, but something felt missing for me.

As a stylist, I’ve never wanted to have a brand that was just basics. It’s a little, umm, boring for me. It’s important to me we have our unique twist on style that has personality.

Sure, you can TOTALLY make our 2 piece jumpsuit or hangover pants your style with the right accessories or our limited edition colors (we see you @StyleEthic), but it wasn’t until last summer that it hit me like a brick (of recycled fabric): “find deadstock.”

What is Deadstock!?

When I went through Factory45, I learned about what “deadstock” was. It blew my mind even more beyond what I knew about the fashion industry waste + ethical labor issues.

Long story short: It’s fashion industry waste. It’s a HUGE problem in the industry. The U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year + the amount has doubled over the last 20 years.

Even as we created our first collection of legacy pieces, I wanted to find lace, tulle, sequins. All these are NOT sustainable fabrics AT ALL (though some options are developed, just not for our applications), so since I wanted to be able to have pieces that could grow with us without limitations on fabric availability, I created our first pieces without the fabrics that had become a part of my signature style I was known for.

We found our signature eucalyptus based fabric + I’m grateful for that. We also found our signature silhouettes that we can build on. (Also grateful for that too!)

But, still. Something has felt like it was missing.

"What do you really want!?"

I also wanted patterns. Surprise, surprise, after sampling way too many fabrics to count since 2016, I HATED all my sustainable pattern options.

🤦🏼‍♀️Itchy fabric.
🤦🏼‍♀️Gross patterns.
🤦🏼‍♀️Overpriced to print. (To print 1 yard was more than I’d want to even charge for a top!)
🤦🏼‍♀️Unsustainable minimums

So, to keep pieces within my desired price points, it just wasn’t feasible to begin with offering prints.

So, we started with our Fab Five Capsule. I love the pieces. I personally don’t even buy clothing anymore beyond our pieces unless it’s the occasional thrifted piece from The Plus Bus or supporting another ethical brand from a friend.


"Find The Deadstock"

So, last summer, I took Caroline + Katie on an adventure to downtown LA. For the first time since we launched, I felt TRUE inspiration again.

Tulle. Lace. Mesh. Silks. Tweed.

I was in HEAVEN.

The sketches flowed like lava out of my brain. I felt the creative spark + vision for what was next.

Introducing: Poppy Row 3.3

So, in the next week we’ll be introducing what I keep calling “Poppy Row 3.3” (3.3 in honor of my recent 33rd birthday).

It’s how we’re going to be doing business for now.

Our next collection for pre-orders with up cycled deadstock mesh + sequins, combined with our signature eucalyptus-based Tencel® Fabric will be here.


I’m so excited for the limited release pieces we’ll be releasing monthly moving forward. From a short 2 piece romper, dresses, and this next week: bodysuits, sequin hangover pants + mesh skirts!


So, get ready.

I find in life, there’s always a happy medium + for what I’m building at Poppy Row, this next phase involves a little bit of solving the textile waste problem we have in the world with the comfort of our fabric we’ve become known for.


We can’t wait for you to FEEL the win-win we’re going for with these upcoming collections + new changes!

Stay tuned...

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