What Size Inclusivity Means to Us

Last year I posted a question on Facebook that asked, “What size-inclusive brands do you like?” But I noticed an interesting response - 100% of the women were listing Plus Size brands, only.

This confused me because the word inclusive means "containing (a specified element) as part of a whole" (according to dictionary.com). That really confused me because plus size ISN'T inclusive, it's a category. Why are we living in a world that differentiates us based on our body type? Shouldn’t all brands serve all women? 

You’re still as stylish as a size 22 as you are as a size 8. Our body size doesn’t make one better than the other. With Poppy Row, I want to break down the barrier between straight and plus sizing. Completely obliterate it!  

Poppy Row is for the woman who loves who she is. A woman who doesn’t look to fashion to tell her who she is, but rather uses fashion to express who she is! My hope is to encourage woman to own who she is on a spiritual level and for every woman to know that her heart is her identity. Why? Because your heart, your core — that’s permanent. If you’re identifying yourself by your dress size, then what happens when your weight fluctuates?! 

All too often, body shaming occurs on both ends of the spectrum. A woman who is a size 0 is equally as lovely as a woman who is a size 22. She can flaunt her curves, too!

Honestly, the impetus behind size-inclusivity for Poppy Row came from a personal place. I always identified myself as the "fat" or "heavy" girl. I used my body size to brand myself! That’s not the way it should work, girls!

We are all equal and whole human beings who deserve great style regardless of size.

All I know is that I want my clothing to arrive in a beautiful box, not put myself in a box. That’s how we do at Poppy Row, beautiful everything for the woman who’s everything beautiful, no matter her size! 

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