What is the "Triple Bottom Line"?

Poppy Row isn’t fashion.

When I say that, you’re probably thinking I’m the worst saleswoman ever. But Yves Saint Laurent put it best when he said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” 

In order for something to be eternal, it has to be sustainable. Incorporating the “Triple Bottom Line” or the “TBL” is foundational to making Poppy Row what it is.

The principle behind the Triple Bottom Line is that companies today are beyond considering profit as the only bottom line. In addition to profit, we have a responsibility to consider the social and environmental bottom lines, as well, or as some call it, the three Ps: people, planet, and profits. Another explanation goes like this, “Behind it lies the same fundamental principle: what you measure is what you get, because what you measure is what you are likely to pay attention to. Only when companies measure their social and environmental impact will we have socially and environmentally responsible organizations.”

If you read a couple of my previous posts, like “Say Hello To Poppy Row” or “What Size Inclusivity Means To Us”, you will quickly learn that Poppy Row is for the woman who loves who she is. A woman who doesn’t look to fashion to tell her who she is, but rather uses fashion to express who she is. It’s for the woman who knows who she is to the core. A woman who’s confident in who she is has effortless style, Poppy Row is here to help her flaunt it! Your clothes should sustain your style. That being said, your clothes should be sustainable!

My vision with Poppy Row is to promote sustainability. Poppy Row is sustainably made in the United States using one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics, Tencel. In addition to sustainability, obliterating the division between “straight sizes” and “plus sizes” is another bottom line for me. I’m passionate about promoting the principle of equality when it comes to all women of all sizes! 

What I’m measuring is exactly what I hope to get! I hope to see trivial fashion trends take less of a dominant role and for style to be sustainable. I hope to see the distinction between straight size and plus size disappear. Profit for Poppy Row means seeing those changes take place!

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  • Taylor Dunham

    Crystal – you probably don’t remember me, but we met ages ago in NYC through Gena and Jordana Jaffe. I just stumbled upon Poppy Row and wanted to send you a huge congratulations on what looks to be an amazing company, from the bottom up. I was intrigued by the product, and totally hooked by the triple bottom line.



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