Finding Your Style with the 5 Archetypes

As a stylist, my platform was “Teaching Women to Dive into What Their Style Essence is.” I always loved how The Spice Girls each encapsulated a particular look and personality. Modeling that, I came up with five style archetypes I think every woman has the ability to incorporate into her wardrobe (especially if she’s shopping Poppy Row)! 

When I think boho, I see a down to earth girl. She loves all things nature, and enhances her natural beauty. She exudes peace and comfort, and whatever she’s wearing brings those qualities to their fullest expression! I like to think The Swing Top by Poppy Row captures this style! It effortlessly cascades in a way thats feminine and fun! It’s a great staple for any Poppy Row girl to have! Pair it with a chunky necklace, over-sized sunglasses, and a cute cross-body bag and your inner boho is good to go! 

Or the rebel, as I like to call her. This edgy girl doesn’t quite go with the status quo. Part of this is artistic expression! She’s not so straight-laced, not so traditional. She’s 80s grunge with a touch of hard-earned sophistication. The Rocker loves The Hangover Pant. She can wear them to work, while still being able flaunt her own personality! Don't forget to grab your black leather bomber and some Valentino-eqsue studded boots!

If you’ve read my last blog [enter link], you’ll quickly learn that Jackie O is my style icon. She’s the manifestation of a woman who dresses smart! Beautiful and intelligent, she’s the ultimate prep. What’s her go-to Poppy Row item? The A Line Skirt. It’s perfect to pair with tailored tops. Wear it red on red and it looks like a dress! Don't forget to put on your pearls! Love it! 

To me “sport” is a classic look inspired by menswear, perhaps a feminine Americana. Again, Jackie O plays a little influence here with “The Jackie” blazer. It has the masculine structure of a blazer and the feminine comfort of a cardigan. Throw on a graphic tee underneath it with a fav pair of jeans and a pair of classic white sneakers to mix with what you already have! 

I had always had a 5th archetype, glam, but recently decided that I was going to drop it + I want to explain why. Unfortunately, I think the word “glam” has become a bit of a toss up trend word. What the commercial world sells as glam today, completely changes tomorrow! That’s SO unsustainable! Every woman can be glam in her own way, and when she embraces her UNIQUE glam — that’s a style that’s timeless! I think what makes a look glamorous is the confident woman who’s wearing it.

Truthfully, I think there’s something glamorous about every woman’s personally developed style, and I design Poppy Row clothing with that in mind! Poppy Row clothing can always be paired with a fur coat to channel that Hollywood glam!

I think we all have a style archetype (mine is edgy-prep!). Accessorizing that with other archetype touches — how FUN is that?!

UPDATE 2/6/18: Check out this video on how to style the Poppy Row jumpsuit for your style here.

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