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While studying at design school in Italy, something about the women there stood out to me. Each day, one of my professors would walk into class, effortlessly chic, perhaps in an outfit she wore just a few days ago. She would look comfortable, yet tailored, chic, and professional. They always made a statement, whether they meant to or not!

Have you ever heard of the “capsule wardrobe”? It’s a wardrobe that consists of clothes you actually wear, love, and love to wear. My favorite thing about the capsule wardrobe is the sustainable mentality it creates. It encourages you to be selective with what you wear, to choose quality over quantity, and to wear it on repeat. It naturally supports sustainability. 

To me, the capsule wardrobe is a style. Part of creating your style is about sustainability with your style. Your clothes should sustain your style. They should strengthen and support who YOU are, not what the fashion trend of the day says you should be. The capsule wardrobe is the style of a woman who knows who she is to the core, and therefore can dwindle her wardrobe down to the essential pieces she knows she loves. She uses clothes to express who she is, nothing more, nothing less. 

Making your wardrobe ethical and sustainable is the new sparkle to your style. With Poppy Row, I want to help you be more with less! 

Poppy Row is a size-inclusive clothing line. We don’t see a reason to distinguish “plus size” from “regular sizes,” do you?!

We’re all about sustainability, from choosing the fabric to wearing the clothes! We use fabric that puts sustainability at the forefront, which means less waste. We’re an all-American, ethically made clothing line.

Fashion should never be a chore. With Poppy Row, take the guesswork out of guessing and just add accessories! And most importantly, feel comfortable and beautiful all day long.

We’re SO excited to share our initial "Fab Five" capsule launching in early 2018. This is just the beginning of a clothing line that’s committed to providing consistently available tailored basics.

Take a look at the pieces in our first collection... 


Friday night happened, and Saturday morning you’ve got to look pulled together for a professional brunch! What do you do? Enter the Hangover Pants - the pants that make you look like a million bucks and are your comfy cozy dream. Slightly cropped, and detailed with pleating to add a "draped" effect, so you're never worried about your tummy. Designed to accentuate your curves, you’ll LOVE the way you feel in these!



Jackie O is our #stylegoals. We envisioned what she would be wearing out at The Cape. Still maintaining her signature classic look, but a little more casual. The Jackie jacket created the structure of a blazer with the comfort of a cardigan. Reversible and available in midnight black + fabulous fuchsia, and of course, midnight black + poppy red! Twice the fun all in one piece!





Part of our Poppy Row mission is to help you maintain a capsule of amazing, well tailored basics while also letting you add to your closet with updated colors + patterns each season. Our tee is custom made, cozy soft with our signature modal fabric, and our first limited edition tee will be a fun addition to your wardrobe. Each season you'll be able to come back and rock the newest tee we release every few months. Can we get your from your confident side? Without a doubt in this top.



You'll want to "swipe right" on this skirt. Not only does it hug your curves like a traditional pencil skirt, the draping in the front adds flare while not letting you ever feel self-conscious about your tummy. The best part? This has what we like to call a "skirty little secret"- a secret pocket to throw your cell into! Available in Midnight Black, Poppy Red, and Fabulous Fuchsia, the Draped Front Skirt is SO fun and perfect for a date or to wear in the office!   



Feel wrapped up like a cozy present in our Present Top. Wrap your curves up with this perfect wardrobe staple. Whether you pick midnight black, poppy red or fabulous fuchsia, you can't go wrong with this as your go-to wardrobe staple. It is perfect layered under any bottoms, from the hangover pants (looks like a chic jumpsuit), the swipe skirt (looks like a wrap dress) or with your favorite bottoms - whether that's a pair of leather pants or jeans!

Wrap dresses have always been my go to, the top requested item from my personal styling clients and with making Poppy Row modular, where all our pieces are interchangeable, this silhouette was a no brainer!

With Poppy Row, each piece is designed to be worn in multiple ways, making it possible to do more with less! We can’t WAIT to create your sustainable wardrobe!

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