Introducing: Shop with a Stylist!

From day 1, Poppy Row was created with my styling cap on. Our first pieces, which will soon become a part of our "Legacy" collection, were designed to be the base of every wardrobe. 

It's not about trends.

It's not about the latest influencer's cool style's about YOU + your own unique style, no matter your size!

For too long, we've been shown how to chase trends with disposable fast fashion or our choice was wear a uniform with boring basics, but what if you just found your soul aligned style? The style that allowed that made getting dressed easy + simple.

Over the coming months, we'll be introducing several ways that styling will be integrated even more into our site and the DNA of the Poppy Row brand.

But the first thing? A way you can shop with a stylist...all online (for FREE)!

The thing I think is the most confusing part of shopping online is that there are SO many options. If you're in a physical store, a good associate will take the time to learn about you, your needs + curate the best pieces for your we're bringing this experience to you with our friends at LuxLock.

We have a small team that will be helping you online, during our business hours, so just click on the gold LuxLock chat icon (as pictured in the above photo) to get started + you can start shopping with one of our style experts guiding you along the way.

I'll also be introducing founder shopping hours here soon, so stay tuned  below for details of my "office hours" each week!





Shop with the founder: Week of 8/26:


NOTE: Due to a tech error with the updated iPhone, we are postponing our office hours with LuxLuck. You'll see we've removed the chat icon + once it's ready to go, we'll be back with some office hours :) 



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