Are You Existing in the "In-Between"?

With so many things in life, we’re almost conditioned to wait until we’re ready. We know that life is entirely unpredictable, and still we wait until we have everything lined up just so. But to be honest, precisely because life throws so many curve balls, it’s impossible to have everything lined up for what we’ve planned!

Speaking from experience, here. I always thought that if I built the Crystal Cave part of my brand big enough, then I could do what I really wanted to do: create a clothing line. This is something I wanted to do since I was 12 years old! But instead of fully throwing myself into my childhood dreams, I decided to go with what made sense with what the world expected of me. I poured part of myself into moving forward in lining everything up just so with Crystal Cave as a secure business, while still the other part of me (which I tried my best to ignore) still wanted to just create a clothing line. 

I compromised. The result? I existed in the in between. Instead of being 100% devoted to what I was doing, I decided to divide my heart from my job. 
This compromise happens with so many things. Even with our clothing choices! So many women (guilty as charged!) find themselves squeezing into straight sizes, or jumping into plus sizes because they’re told to. Instead of committing to our own style, we chase the trends. 

The funny thing is I notice when I’m following a trend instead of of listening to my gut, my heart. My body physically tells me! Now that I’ve committed to creating Poppy Row, committed to doing what makes me feel more like myself, things are more in-sync, coming together without stress and strain.

This is SO life-giving! 

With Poppy Row, I hope to offer you clothes that make you feel like you! With Poppy Row, my mission is for you to be able to commit 100% to YOUR heart, YOUR style. Jump out of the in-between and into Poppy Row!

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