Crystal Covets: Holiday Wish List 2019

Am I the only one who just turned off my email the last several days? 

The barrage of marketing emails can get so overwhelming this time of year, which is partly why I have committed this winter to getting back to consistent content creation here on Poppy RowI want more connection to my passions + others this time of year...I'm sure you do too!

I loved sharing about fashion from my celebrity styling perspective before starting this brand + the overwhelm of having to do a physical product on top of everything I did with a digital brand meant my passion for content unfortunately got pushed aside!

Well, no more!

Over the past 2 years since launching the Poppy Row brand, I've met so many physical product entrepreneurs that are awesome, you just may not know about them...yet!

I'm so excited to introduce you to some of them + their amazing products in my new series: Crystal Covets! I'll be sharing items I'm loving from (mostly) women run companies that share our values of inclusivity, sustainability and/or inclusivity (+ I'm hoping to eventually do a video component too!).

Introducing: Crystal Covets
My monthly guide to items I’m currently loving


Sotela: Zero Waste Accessories

Part of what I was very passionate about when we chose our first manufacturer was to limit our waste (all our scraps get repurposed into lining + other embellishments in our pieces). I love that Sotela is using the waste + scraps they have now they're doing production in house + introducing Zero waste pouches and scrunchies this holiday season.

I'd love that scrunchie in black corduroy + the pouch in lavender (would be easy to see in all my black totes!). I can't wait to see how they expand this zero waste accessory project even further!

 Sheertex Polka Dot Sheers

I was a backer on Sheertex's Kickstarter in early 2018 + they're by far the best tights I've ever had. They don't roll + they're INDESTRUCTIBLE since they're made from the same material that's in bullet proof vests!!

After committing to having items that bring my both comfort + style (not one or the other) a few years ago, I had to give up tights (and kill my ongoing quest to dress like Blair Waldorf in the process). I'm happy to be able to have both the comfort + style their OG sheers provide but would love these polka dot beauties on my legs this winter, especially since I'm back east for awhile! 

 Bevy Goods Metallic Fold Over Clutch

I learned about Bevy Goods when we kept getting tagged in the same photos because our pieces got paired in several things over the last two years due to our connection to Factory 45. I love anything gold + love the versatility of this clutch from both a style + function perspective! 


Regenerous Designs: Rolling Dice Studs

I love Regenerous Designs' mission up-cycling fabric from LA based designers into unique jewelry pieces. I'm obviously a fan of polka dots and love these studs as well as their black bubble dangle earrings.

Automic Gold Mirror Initial Necklace

I love Automic Gold's Inclusive + Sustainable approach to jewelry. I love their Mirror Initial Necklace especially since it makes a great layering piece. I'd personally love this in a rose gold but love you can choose between yellow, silver,  or rose gold + choose the length of the chain to customize it to your style + body.


Complement Goods Laundry Detergent

Started by our Director of Design Corinne, I was super excited to hear she started her own organic laundry detergent. She's launched her site (she literally doesn't have photos of the products up yet as I'm typing this) + these laundry products are worth a serious look.

I also love she gives the option of 3 scents - "only" aka unscented (great for those with scent issues or prefer no scents), "clean" aka lemon + lime, + (my personal fav) "calm" with lavender + eucalyptus


Kitara Yoni Steaming Sauna

I had heard about yoni steaming years ago after it made the news round after being on Goop. What I didn't realize is that there was near impossible to do this at home since many options are extremely expensive.

My dear friend Kit told me all about it this past summer + that she had been developing an at home yoni sauna - I thought it was a genius idea. They've just fully released their line in the last month + I definitely hope Santa brings me one of these yoni saunas this Christmas!


41 Winks Out of Office Sleep Mask

After my sleep mask was no longer usable earlier this year after I moved into a house with mold + got rid of all of my linens, I've been on the lookout for a good sleep mask. Wouldn't mind getting this beauty in my stocking this holiday! 

Graphic Tees

Megan Phillips Collection Audrey Tee

I'm one of the biggest fans of graphic tees, we almost had our "bestee" be a graphic tee! I have loved what Megan Phillips Collection has been doing with graphic tees for quite some time. I'm especially loving their Audrey Tee since I'm the biggest Audrey Hepburn fan!!



Reprise Aspen Legging
Use our code "Poppy10" to get 10% off!

Mary + I both went through the same sustainable fashion incubator + I loved getting to know her more as a fellow Rent the Runway UBS Project Entrepreneur Class of 2018 while she was launching Reprise at the same I was launching Poppy Row. Her leggings are made of tencel, the same component in our eucalyptus fabric! I tried a sample last April and have been wanting them since! Use our code "Poppy10" to get 10% off!



Use our code "Crystal30" to get 30% off!

After meeting Juliana this past summer when we were slotted next to one another at a trade show, I not only fell in love with her but also her brand BOOTÉ. As a Latina woman, she had issues finding athleisure that fit her curvy body + booty, so she set out to solve it!

BOOTÉ was created to help your booty look better in athleisure. I gave up my shapewear a long time ago, but as someone who loves dancing, I love the idea of a higher compression legging (and I've tried this product, it's great)! 

Use the code "Crystal30" for 30% off this holiday season 


Alpine Butterfly Swim
I had been hearing tons of things from Renee (my friend + our fit model) about another brand she worked for, Alpine Butterfly so I've been eyeing them for awhile. I was excited to meet the owner, Olga, this summer when our intern Katie (pictured) got to model for them (and Caroline + I  got to spy on the shoot)!
I got to see this Lilly coverup (pictured above) before it even made it's internet debut + boy is it a beauty! Alpine has all original + incredibly beautiful patterns (super inspirational for our patterns we're coming out with in 2020) + compared to many brands that service the plus size community, they have patterns I actually want to wear because they're actually both feminine + tasteful. 


They also have incredible swimwear + I love their vintage roses pattern, especially in the bikini (top + bottom). If you're not into 2 pieces, I love their goddess swimsuit in the fuchsia + leopard!


Tell me in the comments: What's your favorite from this list!?

(BTW If you'd like to be considered for future series, please email me)

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  • Michele

    Lots of great suggestions! I want to check out that laundry detergent! And those stockings seem amazing. The necklace is so pretty! The leggings! The sauna box! Oh my!

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