Are You A Shopaholic?

It’s funny how once a child has an outfit they love, nothing, other than the rule of their mother, can keep them from wearing it on the daily. I know I can distinctly remember outfits I loved from childhood. You’re obsessed with it. It makes you feel your best. Why NOT wear it on the daily? To me, that’s true style!

As adults, it’s totally different though, isn’t it? We try our best to vary our appearance on the daily. Fast-fashion stores push the idea that we should wear something different as frequently as we can. Everyone is buying the same trendy items; everyone is wearing what everyone else is wearing. We look to fashion trends in order to feel accepted. But using fashion as a sense of identity leads to a rabbit hole, a bit. Or, at least for me it did…

In college I was a certified shopaholic. I remember once I had mono and my mom came to visit me. She was so surprised to see piles of shopping bags under my bed. During my college experience, a time of transition and growth for everybody, I started using shopping as an outlet to feel better about myself. There was a kind of sensation I would get from a shopping spree. Grant it, it was always temporary. Thus, the endless cycle. 

My trip to Europe instigated my evaluation of my personal growth. Ever since I deliberately decided to take a step back and slow down, I’ve noticed a distinct change in how I approach shopping. As a stylist, people think I shop a lot more than I actually do. Now that I’ve allowed my heart to drive my path, I’ve found myself listening to my gut more. Now, shopping has become more of a museum experience. I still love to shop. But I love to shop to be inspired. 

In a sense, Poppy Row is inspired by the childhood basics. Clothes that make you feel your best. Because we’re built upon the concept of modular fashion, Poppy Row pieces are designed to be worn in multiple ways, on repeat. We use beautifully classic silhouettes that can be updated with different colors and patterns season to season. 

Let’s go back to basics, girls. Let’s shop Poppy Row!

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