A Woman's Uniform

Behind Poppy Row is an appreciation for “the wardrobe mentality”. That is, having every item of clothing you own fit into a single wardrobe, a less is more approach to dressing. If you read my first blog post, “Say Hello To Poppy Row”, you’ll know I’m all about creating clothes you actually wear, love, and love to wear. 

Modular fashion is a concept I’m so proud to be a part of and bring more awareness to through Poppy Row. Having key pieces in your wardrobe that are versatile, classic and comfortable? Say no more! That’s exactly what we’re all about — your go-to uniform.

For many, the word “uniform” probably summons up the memories of childhood, attending a private school. It may also suggest lack of creativity. But, oh contraire, my friend! Some of the world’s TOP fashion leaders know what they like and stick to it…

Anna Wintour has her look down to a formula.

Statement piece jewelry? Check.

Over-sized  sunglasses? Check.

Crewneck + power coat? Check.


Vera Wang? If it’s black and a legging, she’s wearing it.

Karl Lagerfeld? Black and white uniform.

Clearly, lack of creativity is not the issue here!


When a person is confident in who they are, they know what they like. THAT is style in its truest form. A working woman’s uniform is made up of pieces that enable her to feel most like herself.

Poppy Row clothing is purposefully designed to flatter a woman’s curve. Each piece is creatively designed to be worn in multiple ways. Poppy Row is lovingly designed to make you feel like the confident and beautiful woman you are! 

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